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Sep 21, Organize the literature review into sections that present themes or Am I looking at issues of theory? methodology? policy? quantitative research (e.g. on Is its significance (scope, severity, relevance) clearly established?.

Moreover, the Muslims were backward economically.

The economic system of Muslims was different from Hindus. So under these circumstances, Muslim's demand for a separate country was very reasonable. In most of the countries of Asia, there is constant discover and dissatisfaction, but Pakistan stands unified among these countries, for its people are free from mental confusion. They believe in the supreme sovereignty of God, democracy, universal peace, individual liberty and liberty of expression but equally strong belief in resisting aggression. Lyrancy and explosion. They established Pakistan for practising these beliefs. When Pakistan came into being, it had no resources.

It had no capital and military equipment. It was allotted an army whose personal was spread far and wide. Its share of military equipment was not delivered to it. Within a couple of months of the creation of Pakistan, seven million homeless refugees were drive out of India. The Problem of rehabilitating then was also a big one. Had it not been the unity pf Pakistani es, they would have floundered. Due to the unity and determination of the people, these problems were solved and Pakistan made surprising progress.

The Pakistanis have some duties to themselves.

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As a free nation, they must maintain their freedom. Freedom has no true value for common man, if it does not mean freedom from want, from disease and from ignorance. This is the man task which they must perform, if they want to take rightful position in the world. Having firm faith in the ideology of Pakistan, they must take make progress in the field of science and technology. Backward nations of Asia want to progress in every walk of life, so the western world must demonstrate that true democracy is international and it must allow them to share the great fund of knowledge, skill and experience.

Without their progress world will not be able to walk properly. Just consider if the touch of a Muslim could have corrupted the religion or belief of a Hindu, so there was no question of their living together in harmony. The basic difference was socio-religious.

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The Muslims believed in one God but the Hindus had many gods. H but the Hindus did not. Their rites and rituals were quite contrary to each other. The social system of Islam stood in sheer contrast with the Hindu ways of living. The Muslims believed in equality of all men while the Hindus observed a strict caste system.

They considered the members of upper caste as super-human and the members of lower castes were thought to be semi-human. The lower classes had no rights and they were not even a allowed to enter in the cities while Islam was totally opposed to such beliefs and practices. The Muslims regarded even priesthood as unnecessary hurdle in the relation of man and his Creator. The Muslims had definite laws of inheritance but the Hindus did not have.

Islam stressed on trade while the Hindus preferred interest. The Muslims gave the right of private ownership to all whether a man or woman but the Hindus did not. The differences of these two nations were so deep rooted and pervasive that it had become impossible for both of them to co-exist.

The differences were so deep and wide that even their dressing style, eating habits and the way of constructing their homes were at the opposite corners of a gulf. If we carefully analyze these factors, we come to know that the demand of Pakistan was quite reasonable. These differences were so strong as to cause serious conflicts between the two nations, which have now been dissolved to some extent, by the creation of Pakistan.

What is freedom? Why did the Muslims of the sub-continent demand a separate homeland for themselves?

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Every man has a right to live freely, so is the case with the nations. All the nations have a right to spend their lives according to their own specific principles and codes of life. Freedom means to be free in all respects. In past, the freedom was considered to be an external phenomenon. A nation free from foreign domination was considered to be free. But today its meanings have widened. Now freedom means to be free physically as well as mentally. The freedom of belief, the freedom of action and the freedom of expression all help to construct this idea.

The true freedom is to be free from want, from poverty and disease. These factors are very important to make a nation strong. If a nation is lacking in all these aspects, it can never be able to preserve its freedom because to get the freedom is hard but to maintain it, is harder.

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In the British India the Muslim were leading a backward life. They were not given equal chances to develop side by side with the Hindus. Almost all the Muslims were uneducated; they were not in the jobs. Civil and military bureaucracy was in the hands of the British or the Hindus. The Muslims had no industries. They had no traders. They had very few skilled people. In a backward country, the Muslims were even more backward economically and industrially.

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