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Sep 21, Organize the literature review into sections that present themes or Am I looking at issues of theory? methodology? policy? quantitative research (e.g. on Is its significance (scope, severity, relevance) clearly established?.

It is now the fourth-largest insurer in the country. Paul Bobnak is the director of research at Who's Mailing What! To learn more about joining, go to www. Reach him at pbobnak napco. Continue to your page in 15 seconds or skip this ad. Directory Jobs Contact Us Advertise. September 11, By Paul Bobnak.

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Nike made headlines last year with Breaking2 , an elaborate campaign that took two years of meticulous planning and preparation to execute. The goal was to achieve the impossible: Running a marathon in less than two hours. The Nike team did everything in its power to ensure that the feat was successful. The athletes never had to stop for water; instead, perfectly measured amounts of optimal runner juice were distributed to them on the go. An electric car and a team of 30 pacers were on hand to ensure they maintained just the right speed.

So did they break it?

The Social Media Strategies of Top US Insurance Brands

Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya missed the mark by just 25 seconds, still beating the previous record for the fastest marathon by an incredible two and a half minutes. More than After all, keeping millions of fans engaged through hours of content marketing? Since its launch in , Peloton has grown at a staggering rate and revolutionized indoor cycling by bringing it directly into people's homes.

How has it grown such a devout community of followers in a short amount of time? Makes sense, since the company produces 12 hours of live video per day, streaming real-life classes to homes across the country, on-demand. With close-up videos of instructors — many of whom have risen to fame and actively promote the brand on social media -addressing at-home riders by name while calling out personalized encouragement, the content is nothing if not engaging.

Though the ice cream company could easily fill its homepage with slick photos of sundaes, it instead opts to highlight content — including blog posts about social issues, rather than desserts. It's not afraid to take a stance on pressing political issues, including racial justice , refugees , climate change , voting rights , and LGBT equality. Its content hub reflects the company's commitment. As a matter of fact, it may help.

Within minutes of perusing Clif Bar's content hub , one gets a strong sense of what the brand values: Health.

Airbnb Digital Marketing Case Study - Growth Hacking

An active, passion-fueled lifestyle. Through content that brings that ethos to life, Clif Bar has nurtured legions of fans. While Clif Bar is often mentioned in passing, there are no explicit calls to action at the bottom of stories to purchase the product or find it in stores. Similarly, Clif Bar's Instagram account — which has more than , followers — only features stunning nature photographs from fans who have tagged images with FeedYourAdventure. It makes sense. People don't want a hard sell. They want to be part of a community of like-minded folks. By buying into Clif Bar's values and lifestyle, chances are, thousands of loyal fans are buying the product, too.

Of all the content hubs we evaluated in the food category, Morsel, from meal subscription company Plated , was the most beautiful. But aesthetics aside, the content hub is also evidence of Plated's strong content marketing strategy. Much of Plated's success hinges upon one factor: subscribers, and Morsel has been optimized to drive them. The tips, recipes, and stories feature large, gorgeous images and clear, conversational copy to engage readers. At the bottom of each story, and on Morsel's homepage, are calls to action with discounted offers for first-time Plated subscribers.

Yet, not everyone is ready to sign up for Plated on the first visit, and the company takes that into account. A newsletter subscription button allows people to sign up by simply entering their email addresses. Or, they can become one of Plated's , Facebook followers, 99, Instagram followers, or 21, Twitter followers. To engage its community — and show how easy it is to create Plated meals — Plated often reposts images from users who have cooked Plated meals and shared them with the hashtag platedpics.

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In addition, Plated shares the five best photos of the week on Morsel , in an ongoing blog series. With its loud color palette and references to student life, Taco Bell isn't seeking to appeal to everyone. And that's exactly the point. The fast food brand is focused on appealing to its target audience of Gen Z and younger millennials, and the strategy is working. Taco Bell revenue is strong and fans are engaged.

Taco Bell has a social audience of more than 1.

Social Media In Insurance Marketing Today

Key to its success is creating content specific to each channel. On its content hub, The Feed , Taco Bell spotlights interesting creators who, of course, love Taco Bell , Taco Bell employees like a dietician and a brand marketer , and Taco Bell fans who respond to the brand's social media challenges, like creating Taco Bell-inspired makeup looks. On Instagram , Taco Bell posts original illustrations and photos commissioned for the brand. On YouTube , Taco Bell has a number of fan-inspired series, like " For Here or To Go ," which shows how to take menu items to the next level through creative ordering in-store or easy cooking hacks at home.

On Twitter , Taco Bell often retweets or responds to fans' posts. In addition, Taco Bell uses Twitter to drive people to its presence on other platforms, like Snapchat. Speaking of Snapchat, you may remember that on Cinco de Mayo , Taco Bell released a filter that turned users' faces into giant tacos. It was viewed more than million times that day — and no, that's not a typo! If you're looking for a strong example of pharma storytelling, look no further than AbbVie's StoryLab. Its content hub feels modern, and it targets several audiences, including healthcare and medicine reporters and influencers, the scientific community, and patient advocates.

Public Affairs, AbbVie. The brand relies heavily on social media Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn , and YouTube for content distribution, as well as both paid and organic search. It's also been successful using traditional media outreach among the top social media influencers in science and biopharma.

Also at the forefront of AbbVie's growth and success? A big commitment to using data to continually improve outcomes. Making the list for the second year in a row is Cleveland Clinic , a legacy content marketer that continues to innovate and impress. In , the team added interactive infographics, Alexa flash briefings , new podcasts , Facebook Live broadcasts , and Instagram stories to its already robust content offerings.

To be everywhere its audience is when they have questions about health and wellness. It's working: Cleveland Clinic's content marketing team is doing so well that it's bringing in substantial revenue. Health Essentials , Cleveland Clinic's consumer-facing site, publishes two to three posts a day and has received more than 45 million visits, to date.

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Consult QD is a site for a smaller niche of physicians and publishes three to five posts per day. Both sites distribute content via email newsletters and social media channels. Certain products and services are easier to create content around than others. Starring J.

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  8. The campaign has been a success, with individual videos garnering tens of thousands of views while also available within an exclusive degree virtual experience. It's an initiative that demands respect and shows a readiness to innovate in order to reach desired targets — while thankfully making insurance content a lot less boring. The Italian Generali Group is the third largest insurance company in the world, on the Forbes best employee list as of last year, and, as it turns out, a major player when it comes to content.

    Posts range from advice on how to stay in shape or avoid accidents in the kitchen to real estate and automotive tips. Last year, Progressive appeared on our list thanks to its standout consumer content hub, Life Lanes. With its commercial arm, Progressive targets seasonal and small businesses with auto insurance needs, be it truck, van, or car coverage. With a stellar content plan in place, you can be sure the word is getting out.

    The series " Small Biz Battles " is as entertaining as it is educational. USAA is another example of an insurer that is thinking big, in terms of content. The financial institution has been around for more than 90 years, serving a client base made up primarily of military members, veterans, and their families. The most-watched of the bunch has more than , views, and new content is constantly being added.