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Sep 21, Organize the literature review into sections that present themes or Am I looking at issues of theory? methodology? policy? quantitative research (e.g. on Is its significance (scope, severity, relevance) clearly established?.

On the other hand, while in principle one-man rule should not in itself make development impossible, in practice throughout history dictatorships have resulted in massive theft, cronyism, political scapegoating, and the murder of innocents.

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In contrast, democracies necessarily take time to function. For instance, to implement any law, the government must undergo an active process of rigorous review—in exchange, rulers may not recklessly make decrees for their personal benefit or for the benefit of their political allies. The road so far has been far from perfect, but the nation has made its gains. The Philippine economy is recovering from the damage of the Marcos regime, and continues to grow rapidly. Through inclusive, equitable, and sustainable reforms, the nation ambitions to eradicate poverty by And precisely because the role of EDSA has been to recover our democratic space as a nation, the revolution remains unfinished precisely because it continues up to the present with you.

To engage our democracy and contribute to the building of our nation is the power that belongs to every Filipino citizen.

EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary 2020 and 2021

So long as this power remains with the people, the People Power Revolution remains unfinished because it goes on with us all—a living, breathing revolution. All materials in this website are used with permission from the owners. Citations are found as footnotes in every exhibit. Martial Law Museum n. Toggle navigation. Mag-aral Digital Library. Although there were individual abuses, I cannot see how his administration per se can be liable for that. References Claudio, L.

TV Patrol: Knowledge about EDSA People Power REVOLUTION

Mydans, S. The president had only 1 term which lasts for six years. And the dictatorship days were gone.

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And they stick to what the believe in. Nowadays, rallying excessively does not do benefit protesters. I wonder why people were able to achieve what they are fighting for in rallies during that time. Social awareness was evident during that time. I discovered that when you become a voter, your responsibility if quite heavy.

One vote can make or break a candidate and if a voter us not satisfied they have the freedom to say that the administration is not working well since we are in a democratic country.

Corazon Aquino 's Presidential Election

And also the Filipino citizens. So, before voting, think about what this candidate can do to our country or community no matter how small his place is.

What matters is what the voters think and what the candidate will do satisfy his followers. And my mom said that Marcos had great plans for the country and I wish that there would be a president who would be able to give the country efficient projects that are feasible, so that, it can help the Filipino people rise. It is wrong, however, to put the blame on the ordinary Filipino. The majority did not benefit from Edsa.

EDSA People Power Revolution Essay

In fact, whole families still roam our busy streets, scavenging for soiled food. While towering edifices rise in the metropolis, thousands of children have remained hungry and without a home. As a society left behind by the modernity of the Western way of life, we can only indict our leaders, past and present, who exploited Edsa and abused its spirit and memory. Indeed, we have many cunning politicians who shamelessly invoke the concept of human welfare, or even the pursuit of happiness, in order to justify and brandish their particular style of tyranny.

History tells us that an autocrat who rules by means of some populist agenda is not impaired as to his knowledge of the timeless relevance of the principles of justice. But he distorts and uses the same in order to advance his vested interests. In the desire to destroy his enemies, a dictator only has one marching order to his docile and willing accomplices: to follow him without question. This type of loyalty is perhaps the most dangerous there is.

It is the same kind of blind obedience that has caused honorable men to kill in the name of their god! When President Corazon Aquino came to power in , we believed then that it is not really intellectual brilliance but human virtue that legitimizes political leadership.