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Sep 21, Organize the literature review into sections that present themes or Am I looking at issues of theory? methodology? policy? quantitative research (e.g. on Is its significance (scope, severity, relevance) clearly established?.

The first element i. The chronically homeless veterans, on the other hand, are those that were disabled during the conflicts and have consistently been homeless for periods stretching for more than a year. Besides,McGuire notes that a greater percentage of these veterans are males who hail from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Another vital element of this social problem is that fifty-six percent of this population comprises African Americans or the Hispanic communities.

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It is in spite of the fact that these are the minority communities of the United States. Ending homelessness amongst the veterans should be a priority for the United States government. The latter can attain this through the vital input of the Department of Veteran Affairs that has been tasked with their management.

Some of the manners that can be used in addressing this problem encompass allocating federal investments based on the needs of the homeless veterans. The allocation through this criteria should also include resources which have the potential of assisting the veterans to become stably housed. Strategic planning, as well as, local leadership is also crucial in ending this social problem. Effective collaboration among various councils and nongovernmental organizations in the country can assist in abetting the challenge.

There is also need to provide supportive housing that would otherwise create a permanent subsidization of rent payable by these veterans.

It should be in particular to the chronically homeless ones i. Lastly, rehabilitation programs can be provided to the homeless veterans using transitional assistance and complimentary treatment. These will immeasurable assist in the recovery of the veterans. Masters of Social Work MSW have pivotal roles to play in addressing the social problem of homelessness amongst the veterans.

The first role would be to track the number of existing homeless veterans available in the US and the substantial progress that are consistently being made in the reduction of these figures.

Homeless Veterans – An Overview of the Problem

Through this, they can discern the necessary inputs required to be applied so that the homeless veterans are liberated. Lastly, since the social workers have been trained to tackle such social problems, they have a deeper comprehension of the requirements of the veterans which will make them comfortable in their subsequent lives. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails.

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Political science Essays. Global Governance Essays. Our Veterans, the ones who serve in the United States Military, have battled for our nation and others. They have served us well by deserting their families and wandering off into obscure terrains like Iraq and Afghanistan to do right by us of them. We call them Heroes until they return home. Our Heroes return securely home from death and annihilation just to be made mindful that they are the same as any other person. Our Heroes get back home excited to see their families and to begin a so call ordinary regular citizen life.

The Veteran are faced with issues ranging from managing trials, tribulations and dissatisfactions of unemployment in view of absence of abilities and preparing which prompts exorbitant lodging to look after dependability McNamara, Vagrancy happens among families with youngsters and single people, in provincial groups and in addition vast urban communities, and for differing times of time.

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Contingent upon circumstances, times of vagrancy may differ from days to years. Transitionally vagrants are the individuals who have one short stay in a destitute asylum before coming back to changeless lodging.

Chronically destitute people are the individuals who are destitute ceaselessly for a time of one year or have no less than four scenes of vagrancy in three years. Destitute veterans started to go to the consideration of general society while vagrancy for the most part was getting to be more normal.

News records chronicled the predicament of veterans who had served their nation yet were living and kicking the bucket in the city. The usually held idea that the military experience furnishes youngsters with occupation preparing, instructive and different advantages, and in addition the development required for a profitable life, clashed with the vicinity of veterans among the destitute populace. With a specific end goal to fit the bill for support under the destitute veteran projects administered by Title 38 of the U.

Code, veterans must meet the meaning of destitute veteran.

50,000 Homeless Veterans Nationwide

Declining wages and increasing expenses of lodging have confused veteran vagrancy and have put lasting lodging out of scope for a few veterans. Giving these veterans Section 8 vouchers, or other comparative lodging vouchers, are viable approaches to get the veterans off the lanes Peterson, Both male and female Veterans are more inclined to be destitute than their non-veteran partners in the same age companions. Reasons for vagrancy among Veterans are like reasons for vagrancy among non-Veterans interrelated monetary and individual variables and lack of reasonable lodging.

About a large portion of a million Veterans pay more than a large portion of their pay for rent. Vagrancy among United States veterans are of specific concern to the general public in light of the fact that everybody sees a percentage of the weights confronting vets after coming back to non-military personnel life. Genuine measures need to be taken to spare the fallen troopers from the hazards of a frantic life in the city of America.

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We should first comprehend the life of destitute vets to draw profitable knowledge into why customary endeavors at fathoming this issue are unprofitable. The general public needs to bring possession in living up to expectations with State and Federal Government to execute effective arrangements which create positive results in wiping out vagrancy among our veterans. Destitute female vets are frequently disregarded in current techniques and we have to contemplate this and create suitable answers for the overlooked sexual orientation.

At long last, restoring vets to a gainful part in the public arena is a continuous process and requires more than putting a transitional rooftop over their heads and rotating entryway recovery treatment Sweet, Other psychological well-being issues that may bring about subjective disabilities challenges with focus or recalling errands, troubles in social connections or controlling temper or motivations, or different impacts that may make boundaries to business and stable connections.

Veterans have a tendency to be more youthful and are more prone to have youngsters. Contrasted with destitute male Veterans, ladies Veterans are more inclined to have a background marked by sexual injury or genuine maladjustment, and less inclined to have genuine substance misuse issues McNamara, Apple white, S.

Social Work, 42 1 , Bascetta, C. Homeless veterans. Government Accountability Office. Rosenheck, R. PS, 44 9 , If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please:. Essays Social Work. Essays, UK.

November Homeless veterans in the US.