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Sep 21, Organize the literature review into sections that present themes or Am I looking at issues of theory? methodology? policy? quantitative research (e.g. on Is its significance (scope, severity, relevance) clearly established?.

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A Simple Formula for Discussing Two Opposing Views in Your IELTS Essay

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Physical education in the school system healthcare and nursing from ilsepauly People are good at heart psychology from ilsepauly Booker t. Racking your brain for the perfect argumentative essay topic? Order the perfect essay now! Choose your Type of Work. Writing Editing Slides. Your job during the research phase is to find counterarguments and material to refute them, and in the drafting phase to construct your argument in a way that incorporates these objections and counterarguments.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay - Counter Paragraph

You can boost your credibility by acknowledging specific sources who disagree with your position. However, if you cite counterarguments from experts in the field, and then work to refute those arguments effectively, you can lend authority to your own argument. If you consistently come from your side of the issue, you may miss articles by some of the stronger opponents. Follow the path of each objection to discover its roots.

Gather quotes summarizing their viewpoints and then go digging to find statistics and other research that both back and counter their claims. If your mind is changed in the process, so be it!

Incorporating Objections and Opposing Views | Boundless Writing

You can change your thesis and claims and argue for the other side of the issue. There are many valid ways to introduce an opposing view, but do try to present it in a neutral manner before you shoot it down. The more your readers believe that you are being fair to your opponents, the more likely they are to be open to your refutation. You can quote an expert in the field who has publicly objected to the your thesis. Or you can quote a politician or another public figure who has recently brought up the issue keeping in mind that this latter option dates your paper , as long as you do it respectfully.

For example:. And the last sentence tells the reader you will deal with each of the concerns—violation of territorial integrity, safety, and well-being—in your refutation. An advantage of using quotations is that you are allowing the opposition to speak for itself. Paraphrasing is a similar approach but allows you to contextualize the comment. This is called a concession. You are conceding that the opposing argument is not completely false.

Of course, you will go on to explain why this counterargument is not conclusive, but as you introduce it, you show that you understand the logical and rational basis for the argument.

Another way to present a counterargument is to introduce it in your own words in the form of an example. Here, the writer approaches concession by acknowledging that it makes sense to at least consider this counterargument. If this is true, then that may be true. While all of the above examples use a serious and respectful tone to introduce counterarguments, there is another option that can be effective, depending on your audience and your intentions. Satire is a humorous tone that can be deployed in summarizing a position in order to not only draw out its shortcomings, but also to correct or change the shortcomings of the position.

It is less likely to be used in academic writing. For example, in a popular as opposed to academic or professional essay advocating for strictly enforced leash laws in cities, you might write something like this:. Well-done satire can make the reader smile, perhaps even if he or she is one of the pet-friendly owners referenced in the paragraph. The trick is to use this technique without alienating readers, and that is not an easy balance.

And even if your reader agrees with your thesis, she may be turned off completely by the lack of respect for other readers.

You can poke fun and be respectful at the same time. You may be tempted to weaken an objection to your argument by turning it into a straw man, or a flimsy version of the original point. A straw-man argument can make a point overly simplistic, describe an incomplete concept or take a point out of context. You may have heard talk-radio hosts and opinion columnists employ this strategy. In truth, the straw man is a well-known tactic, and readers can detect it quite easily.

The Importance of Addressing Opposing Views

If you shortchange the opposing viewpoint, your readers will suspect that you are trying to compensate for shortcomings in your own argument. Your argument will be much stronger if you present opposing viewpoints in a sympathetic light. Compare the following examples:. In reality, students can find the time to study if they learn time-management skills.

People should trust medicine since it is effective and scientifically proven. Reiki is also scientifically proven and does not have side effects. Medicine also cannot treat serious illnesses if not diagnosed at an early stage. Reiki, like alternative healing methods, requires a lot of time. Reiki requires less time if done regularly.

100 Argumentative Essay Topics with Samples

Supporting our ideas : This is the most important part when persuading others. We are asking some people to change their beliefs or actions. Here are some faulty supports we should avoid:. Thesis: Leaving the university and starting to work is good for the adolescent because …. For more mistakes in the logic of arguments, see Fallacies. Refuting opposing arguments : Before we start saying that the opponents are wrong, we should specify their opposing ideas. Otherwise, it would be like hitting the other person with eyes closed. We should see clearly what we are hitting and be prepared beforehand so that he cannot hit us back.

We can do this by knowing what we are refuting. X Some people may say that adolescents should not leave university education; however, they are wrong. We should state their supporting idea specifically to be able to refute it. However, they forget one fact: adolescents can vote or start driving at the age of 18 in some countries even before that age!

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Language : Signposts gain importance in the argumentative essay. They enable the readers to follow our arguments easily. When pointing out opposing arguments CONs :.

Obamacare. Opposing Views

Some people may disagree with this idea. When stating specifically why they think like that :. The put forward this idea because …. They claim that … since …. Reaching the turning point :. On the other hand ,. When refuting the opposing idea, we may use the following strategies :. They have a point in thinking like that.

To a certain extent they are right. After seeing this evidence, there is no way we can agree with what they say. What we are discussing here is not what they are trying to prove.